Prominent Politician and Time TravellerBrexit

Owner of the original Time Machine now in Government

Papers discovered in the attic of a recently deceased physicist confirm that the time machine was invented in the 19th century. The documents also reveal H.G. Wells, the author of the famous book ‘The Time Machine’, knew of its existence and it provided the inspiration for his story published in 1895.

However, the adventures of Well’s main character were thought to be fictional. Now scientist’s believe that a  prominent politician is the machine’s real owner and that he has transported himself here, where he is trying to recreate Britain’s imperial colonial past.

The time machine’s owner is described as a;

man of portly stature, a buffoon type, blustering, with his clownish personality hiding a manipulative and coercive nature. Driven by a deep desire to be worshipped, he will jump on any bandwagon to gain approval and further his own ends.

Unlike Well’s hero, it seems that the current owner used deception, mistruths and outright lies to get what he wanted. The inventor, meanwhile, was left stranded in a desolate, impoverished wasteland, somewhere around Birmingham.

Clues as to the identity of the ‘prominent politician’, lead researchers to believe that he is likely to be obsessed with national heroes who possess the qualities he lacks. Winston Churchill would fit the bill. He would develop this fixation and evoke the Second World War at any opportunity. He’s in favour of ‘gunboat diplomacy’ and a teaching Johnnie Foreigner a lesson, while qualities like honesty, integrity and consideration of the needs of others can be ignored.

Meanwhile the government continues.

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