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Speeding Audi driver uses the two minutes saved on his drive home to discover a cure for cancer

Like many drivers of German cars, Ian Napton considers the road network to be his own personal playground. He regularly exceeds the  speed limit, cut people up at roundabouts, pointlessly switches lanes in traffic jams, drive two feet behind the car in front, bang his horn relentlessly and jumps through traffic lights. 

It was to shave precious seconds from his journey that he purchased a car with a top speed of 180 mph, despite speed limits of 70 mph or lower.

However, there was method in his madness. It was during the precious two minutes that he saved on the journey home, that led to him to come up with a cure for cancer. 

I’d got home, there was no one in so I made a cuppa and sat down in the kitchen to look out at my car, on the drive. My mind was idling as it admired the big throbbing beast and all of a sudden I had a Eureka moment. I suddenly realised I had the cure for cancer. Well, once I’d got over the shock I was straight on the phone to the Daily Mail.”

What makes the story even more remarkable is that Ian has no background in medical research, he’s a Social Media Graduate who works as an Estate Agent but all that is about to change as he’s now line for a Nobel Prize for Sciencing. 

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