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UK selects The Okey-Cokey as its entry into The Eurovision Song Contest

In one of the more definitive results, in a National Vote, Britain has overwhelmingly chosen The Okey-Cokey as its entry into the Eurovision Song Contest.

Beating off strong competition from such nostalgia pop as; The White Cliffs of Dover Car Park, by Failing Grayling; Rule Britannia by Little Dick and The Johnsons, and F U EU by controversial rappers, The Elite, The Okey-Cokey was the surprise winner of the People’s Vote.

Lead singer of The Lubbly Jubbly Morris Men, Ian Napton, explained, “We thought this was the perfect song for our last Eurovision. It’s a traditional folk song, that at one time or another has been sung be everyone in the country so what better song to unite us all? But more than that, it seems to be a metaphor that encapsulates the mood of the nation; Are we in? Are we out? Do we turn about? Is everyone in? Is everyone out? Are we going to put it all about? and that’s what the voters responded too.”

Hans, from Germany, commented, “You Engleesh alvays wiz e jokes, nein? That’z why you don’t let the volk vote.”

Critics have accused the UK of not taking the competition seriously, although this has managed to provide a unanimous response from The British, “Really? Have you ever watched this competition?”

Given the partisan nature of the voting it’s not expected that the traditional British folk song will win, but then no one in the UK really cares, anymore.