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Generation Teen win praise for their valuable contribution to our community, not

Generation teen have been commended, for their ongoing contribution to the community.

Special thanks goes to their passionate use of raucous vocabulary, as it ensures that everyone within a mile radius can feel included in their conversation. Seeing adolescent romance played out at the bus-stop, has been likened to viewing modern Shakespeare. One drama fan, Gillian Napton mused, ‘’Hearing such lively banter after a long shift, is the highlight of my day. ’’

Teenagers have also been applauded for their willingness to share their music loudly on public transport. Particular credit was awarded to those who sang along, x-factor audition style, on packed rush-hour trains and those incapable of putting ear buds, in their ears.

Other appreciation was noted for youths who encouraged lateral thinking in their local neighbourhood. Drivers distinctly enjoyed the adrenaline rush, when swerving to avoid youngsters walking in front of their moving cars whilst wearing dark clothing, as it sharpened their reflexes. Similarly, pedestrians buzzed at the prospect of being forced off the pavement by teen-herds or swerving their KFC remains and phlegm puddles.

Finally, bold youthful, fashion statements were also commended for their capacity to enliven the elderly community. Speaking animatedly from her care home, Violet Smith told us, ‘You’d need a ladder to climb the distance between their jeans and their underpants. I nearly choked on my false teeth!’  

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