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Idris Elba moves into Coronation Street

In the TV scoop of the century, ITV have signed up Idris Elba to move into Coronation Street.

With Idris’s schedule suddenly clear after a two year stint, not playing Bond, ITV were quick to capture the world’s sexiest man.

TV Critic, Ian Napton, said, “Obviously, shooting The Wire in the violent, poverty stricken streets of Baltimore was a harrowing experience. This has gone a long way to preparing him for violent, poverty stricken streets of Manchester, where things are much worse.”

Idris was keen on the opportunity to break down deep rooted social stereotypes. He’s hoping his character will give people a better understanding of what it’s like to be born and bred in South London.

The Street actresses are keen to get their hands on the handsome hunk, Bet Lynch said, “For years the best eye candy round here was Ken Barlow. This is a real step up. I’m very excited, I’ll try not to break him.”

Soap fans were divided on Britain’s only Black male actor joining the series. Neil from Bury said, “It’s not right, you can’t have Southerners coming up here  pretending to be Northerners, they just don’t get it. Before you know it they’ll be serving lager in the Rovers.”

However, Neil’s wife was in favour, “Imagine having Idris Elba in living room every evening, heaven!. Excuse me, I’m just off for a bath.”

Meanwhile, producers of EastEnders were caught playing catch up and are rumoured to be looking for a token Northerner to join their soap. Lee Mack and Johnny Vegas are being lined up to please the ladies. 

The Origins of The Idris Elba Story

ITV announced that they were moving the first Black family into Coronation Street. Many observers were moved to point out that it was about time, the series has been running for 59 years. 

Adding one of the Entertainments most iconic actors to the story, served to highlight some of the deeper issues in society. 

Sky News reported on the story:

This isn’t the first time we have featured one of TV’s most popular shows, here is our Game of Thrones story; latest series of tits and dragons announced 

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