Sat. Sep 25th, 2021
Howay Cell Phone Tower

Geordie tech giant, Howay, is at the centre of a political row over their fitness to provide key components for the new 5G Network. This isn’t the first time there have been allegations of spying linked to the company.

Objections to the involvement of Howay in the project have already led to the sacking of one ministerial workyticket.

Citing security issues, Crapple Inc spokesman Donald T Rump has asked the British Government not to allow Howay to build any part of the network. It seems the Americans are worried they won’t be able to get their spying gadgets in place, if Howay have got there first.

Howay, said it was ridiculous to even suggest that they would get caught spying again.

Here at Howay, we definitely regret getting caught spying. We’ve publicly apologised for getting caught and put measures in place to ensure we don’t get caught doing this again. We’ve learned and moved on and hope that everyone else can too.” said Ant.

In preparing it’s bid Howay has made much of their British connections. The Company claim this contract will protect tens of jobs in the economically depressed North East.

They say that whilst mistakes were made in the past, this doesn’t mean that it should stop the firm from making billions from the deal.


By Wild Gerald

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