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Voting mix up sees BGT’s Dancing Dog elected as MEP

Following yet another classic British cock-up the electorate have managed to elect a Dancing Border Collie to sit in the European Parliament.

The confusion occurred as voting for Britain’s Got Talent was running simultaneously to the EU Elections. 20 Million people were casting their annual vote in favour of the dancing dog when someone at The Electoral Commission muddled up the ballots.

Surprisingly, the Commission handles the oversight of both votes, in order to ensure that procedures are correctly followed. ITV rely on them to make sure the dog wins.

An EU spokesperson, Jean-Pierre Bientot said “Really? It’s not a surprise! After the last 3 years, we just don’t care anymore. The dog can sit, or not it’s up to you but we are not running the election again. Some of us are beginning to wonder if you take this seriously.”

Meanwhile, at least one member of the British public thought it was funny. “I think the dog should sit in the EU Parliament, he has clearly got talent and he can’t be any worse than the rest of them.”

Ian Napton from the Cabinet Office, gleefully explained, “This is a bureaucratic nightmare. The Parliament building in Strasbourg has a strict No Dogs policy but an MEP can’t be refused entry. It’s regulatory heaven. I wonder if they can classify him as an assistance dog?”

When asked about what this incident says about the UK’s global reputation he laughed, “We’re just about to get Boris as PM, we don’t have a reputation worth worrying about.”

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