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Corbyn confirms support for 2nd Brexit referendum or does he?

Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed that the Labour Party will campaign to Remain in the EU under a second referendum, which is not happening, unless Britain supports a decision to leave.

In the clearest statement yet from the Labour supremo, it was announced that Labour might support Brexit, or it might not, and it definitely wouldn’t support no deal or a damaging Tory Brexit unless the Unions said it was okay to do so, which they haven’t so far.

Acknowledging that taking this new “Possibly Remain” stance might be going against traditional Labour voters who voted Leave in 2016, Corbyn replied, “You can’t win ’em all.

In any case, it won’t be my decision,” Corbyn said. “We’ll put it to the people. If they still vote to leave, it’ll be their fault. We’re not getting in the mess the Tories did, no sirree.”

“A second Referendum means that the people can clearly tell us what to do and the British people can rest assured that we will do exactly what they tell us to do, unless we don’t. But if we don’t at least it won’t be the Tories not doing what the people want.”

Senior Labour Party members felt that it was right that Corbyn should clarify the Party’s stance after the pasting taken in the recent European Elections. 

One political commentator said “Just for a minute there I thought we had a clear statement on Labour’s Brexit position but apparently it’s exactly the same as it was. Just when you think you understand it, away it goes.”