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Benefit cuts force elderly pensioners back to work

Government cuts to the pensioners income have forced some retirees back to work, just when they should be kicking back, playing golf and putting their feet up.

One plucky band are not taking this lying down. Legendary supergroup The Who have reformed in order to see if they can make enough money for a nice cup of tea, a packet of Werther’s Originals and bottle of liniment.

Roger and Pete are embarking on their national ‘Who are you? Go on remind me!’ Tour, sponsored by Magic Bus Mobility Ltd and Tena For Men.

Their carer, Gillian Napton, explained, “Since the cutbacks to their pensions the boys have really struggled. They don’t get free bus travel anymore and the extra £150 for the TV licence is really going to hurt. But it’s the little things that hurt, Pete likes to go into the village for a cup of tea and a scone, it’s his weekly treat, but he hasn’t been in for over a month. Roger has had to give up the bowls club, as he can’t afford the subs. It’s disgusting that the Government can treat their generation this way.”

Tommy Walker, said “It’s great to see legends like these, my Grandad used to go on about them all the time. They must have been great when they could remember all the words to their songs!”

The Who are booked on a national tour of golf clubs, WRVS centres and revival festivals. The hope is to make enough money to cover the increasing cost of care and pay for a few luxuries, like heating.

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