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Civil War follows arrival of US Peacekeepers in Paradise

The United States, in search of an understandable foreign policy has sent peacekeeping troops into one of the World’s quietest and most stable countries.

The once peaceful Paradise has enjoyed a long history of mutually beneficial coexistence between people from differing ethnic and religious backgrounds. Largely untouched by Western Nations for the last hundred years it has been allowed to go on, untroubled, about its business.

However, a spelling error on an AP news report incorrectly labelled the peaceful state as its neighbour, a country engulfed in a series of religiously based civil wars. Consequently this caused panic across the globe’s financial markets, leading Donald Trump to respond with extremely peaceful force.

Appalled by a perceived threat that he didn’t understand, danger to American oil supplies and his standing with redneck voters, The President demanded immediate, ill thought out action. Therefore, he sent 10,000 Troops, two Battle Ships and an air squadron to the once peaceful nation. “We are going to re-peacify the region like no one has done re-peacification before. It’s going to be the best peacifying you’ve ever seen.”

Within hours of the Americans arrival, civil war had broken out, the infrastructure was ruined, food and medical shortages were posing a real threat to life and a several American Churches had sent emergency supplies of Bibles.

Meanwhile the UN, China, Russia and the EU roundly condemned Donald Trump’s latest foray on to the international stage. Britain sent Prince Andrew and several major arms dealers on a peacekeeping mission, where they secured a £4 Billion armament contract.

Unfortunately, Mr Trump was not in the mood to listen to global concerns and told them to ‘F**k Off’ as he was off to the golf course.

Whilst not actually based on a current event, this story is just waiting for the passing of time before it becomes relevant again. Although, it does bring to mind Banksy’s ‘Flower Thrower’. Click on the picture to have your own copy of this iconic image.

Banksy’s ‘Flower Thrower’

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