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In this weeks episode of The Apprentice, it’s the benefits round

Candidates on The Apprentice are facing their toughest challenge yet. This week the remaining contestants must apply to the DWP for benefits. The team that gets anything wins.

Lord Anal said “This is a really difficult challenge, one that’ll prepare them for the life after the series ends, several of them are going to need all the help they can get.”

There are no restrictions on the amount and type of benefit the teams can claim for. Working together each team must develop an effective strategy that will defeat the assessors.

Veronica put herself forward as Blue Team PM as she had, once asked a homeless person the way to the station and felt this experience gave her an affinity with the subject. “It’ll be really easy, yah! I read in the Daily Mail that they, like, give money to anyone, yeah! So I’ll be a winner, yah!”

Lee, the token cockney barrow boy, suggested that Zafira take on the role, for obvious reasons. Following a corrective session with the BBC’s ‘Right-on’ department, he was allowed to re-enter the game.

Meanwhile, on the Red team, Jonty left the show “This is bull-shit man, we’re here because we are supposed to be rich not hanging about with these losers. There’s no way I’m going in there (DWP), I might catch something.”

A spokesman for the DWP welcomed The Apprentices efforts, “It will be a good test, whilst several players do appear to have a wide range of social, mental and physical difficulties, we are confident they won’t get a penny. Have you seen a PIP assessment? We don’t even give money to people who are dying.”