Breaking News – Jo Swinson’s Acceptance Speech

Now over to Jo Swinson on this historic night for the Lib Dems

“I just want to say that I am overwhelmed by this result, few would have believed that after so much promise we could achieve…. this.”

or perhaps not!

Faced with a golden opportunity to redeem ourselves in the eyes of the electorate, we almost managed it. We came a close third in many constituencies and I am delighted to say that with 15 MP’s we will have an incredibly minor say in the formation of the next government.

Yes,  I know many have said that this Tory Government was the worst administration in living memory and that standing against them in an election was akin to having an open hockey goal and a free hit. Well, to extend that analogy further, we almost scored.

So what does this mean for Brexit? Well, it’s clear that people didn’t like our policy of revoking Article 50. Instead, we thought we’d become Brexiteers and see if that changes out fortunes.

Vote Brexit!

The scope of our influence in the new Parliament means that we can be the Kingmakers. The needs of the country come first. With that in mind I am delighted to announce that once again we will be supporting the Tories. You can’t go wrong with a Posho!

Look, I know that many of you still haven’t forgiven us for the last time we got into bed with the Tories but Boris has told me that this time it will be different. Apparently, I am not like all the other leaders, he will still respect me in the morning.

An apology from Boris
Of course I’ll still respect you in the morning!

Mr Johnson has confirmed that I will have a Ministerial role in his new Government that befits my status. I am taking over responsibilities for Aliments and Succour and he has assured me that this is more than just ensuring there are sufficient tea and biscuits at Cabinet Meetings. Surely Boris thinks more of me than that? Doesn’t he?

Have confidence that the Lib Dems are building support for a better tomorrow.

Meanwhile Brexit continues

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