Sat. May 21st, 2022

BBC Helpline for those affected by any of the issues in this programme stunned to receive a call.

Ian Napton was on the Friday evening shift at the Shepherd’s Bush Help Centre when his sleep was disturbed by a ringing phone.

The BBC had just shown a particularly gritty detective drama. A young woman had been brutally murdered, there was a standard pool of suspects all of whom had a motive and a middle-aged detective with drink, substance abuse and relationship issues, but who women found to be sexually irresistible.

As this followed exactly the same formula as every other detective drama, Ian Napton was not expecting anyone to call. He’d bought in a flask of cocoa, the latest Lee Child book and was settling in for a nice relaxing eight hours.

However at 10 p.m. on the fateful day, his peace was disturbed by the ringing phone.

After a series of deep breaths, a calming mental vision and a couple of coughs to clear his throat, he answered, saying “Good evening, you’re through to the BBC Issues Helpline, how may I help you?” It went as smoothly as it did in training.

Unfortunately, it turned out that it was a wrong number, just some guy from Darlington who wanted to order a Domino’s Meat Feast, but it’s good to know the system is there and that it works.


By Binty

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