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National plea for relief from Tedious Uplifting Songs

Further evidence that adherence to the UK Covid-19 lockdown could become compromised has come mainly via social media outlets Facebook and Instagram.

Hitler's Banjo Boogie Album
When I’m cleaning windows

After only a short period of the unprecedented movement restrictions imposed by the UK, the strain to stay at home is becoming unbearable for many due to the almost constant playing on these two platforms of tedious original songs considered by their semi-professional and amateur composers to be ‘uplifting’ during the lockdown.

Tribute act, ‘Who? What?’ in concert

Brendan Donahue from Ireland stranded in the UK has pleaded with the Irish Embassy in London to repatriate him back to Cork, as he says “Before I go fecking crazy with all this shite music coming out over here!”

Brendan went on to say “Jayzuss, Mother Mary of God! … at least our music is a good mix of soulful, sombre and ‘that’s grand’ jolly! …I’ve had to put all the sharp knives in a suitcase with a lock and throw away the key!”

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