Tue. Jan 25th, 2022
Sign Language Expert at work

The signer for the deaf at Boris Johnson’s coronavirus update press conference was accused of using sign language of an inappropriate kind today.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson, wanker

Ian Napton, a well respected signer who is frequently seen on the BBC, was seen to periodically point at the prime minister and vigorously shake his raised right hand up and down to indicate disapproval and disagreement.
Twitter was immediately awash with people violently agreeing with Ian. @borisisaw@nker tweeted “Go Ian!” and @deathtoboris tweeted “Boris is a w@nker!”

The Royal Society for the deaf confirmed that the signer used sign language “previously unfamiliar to an organisation of our standing” and lipreaders of a more direct manner confirmed that “he definitely called Boris a w@nker.”
Other senior politicians are said to be pleased. “We’ve been looking for something which would bring the country together as one, and this seems to be it.”

Ian Napton has been replaced for tomorrow’s broadcast.

Meanwhile, the government continues.


By Colin

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