Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
Puppeteer of The Year

Newsreaders around the world have been called into their studios early today following President Donald Trump’s tweet confirming that he has the Coronavirus.

We’ve all been called in for straight-face training. Occasionally, a news story comes along which our bosses know is going to be really difficult for even the most seasoned of broadcasters to remain unaffected by. They know we’re going to be doubling over with laughter at this, so we’re having a “laugh-in” between 3.00pm and 5.00pm, and then we have an hour’s calm down quiet time before going live at 6.00pm. The BBC has a special soundproof room where presenters can laugh their tits off until they no longer find a subject funny. It’s all a part of being a professional.

Huw Edwards, Straight Faced News Reader

Huw will be joined by all BBC colleagues who are required to co-present the story. “I first heard about this when I saw a text from Sophie, “Fiona Bruce told us. “I’ll see her at the laugh-in. She’ll have pissed herself over this, I can tell you.”

“In such a difficult year for so many people, the world was ready for a good laugh,” a formerly senior member of the British Royal Family said. “Maybe Joe Biden could become the next President, after all.”

Meanwhile, America continues.


By Colin

Colin is one of our more experienced writers, he is very fond of a cup of tea, a bourbon biscuit and a bit of a nap in the middle of the afternoon. Been noted to express disapproval with a hrrump!

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