Sun. Sep 19th, 2021
Livers undergo abuse

Livers across the nation, have gathered for an emergency meeting, ahead of the alcoholic onslaught, they anticipate from the forthcoming lockdown. 

Only recently having recovered from the previous covid crisis, the hepatic huddle hopes to divert their headstrong humans, away from the ‘dreaded drink.’ 

Whilst booze-bingeing seemingly offers livers immediate stress relief, other diversions headed the agenda, such as home-baking, exercise and upcycling old furniture. 

There’s only so much banana bread you can force down, plus you’re lucky if my fella makes his bed, let alone anything else.

Sceptical liver

Undeterred by the cynicism, the senior liver committee have begun promoting innovative projects, such as making a fully functioning Granny-annexe, out of three pallets and a wheelie bin, tea-bag tower sculpting and fashioning house-bricks, from botched banana bread.


By Lady Tamsyn Marie

Lady Tamsyn Marie elegant, charming and more vicious than Mary Poppins

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