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‘What the Fudge?’ The new Homemade Fudge from Corby’s Confectionery Co leaves a nasty taste in the mouth

This week Corby’s Confectionery have released a high-end fudge to the market but many critics reckon it leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

Over the last two years their competitors, in the fudge-packing industry, have experimented, unsuccessfully, with different fudges; May’s Sweets, Potato and Poteen range, BJ’s super-fudgy fudge called; Bang, Bang, What, What!, and R&M’s range of Hey Sucker! Fudge have all bombed, spectacularly.

Following a long, and sometimes tense planning meeting in Liverpool, Corby’s management eventually came up with a new fudge recipe. They were accused of fudging it by producing something so similar to their existing Homemade Fudge.

In taste tests consumers overwhelming described the new fudge as being “Far browner and stickier than the old stuff. ” and “Chewier but with a less satisfying taste.”

One critic, said, “With this new flavour Corby’s are trying to appeal to everyone and have ended up pleasing nobody. Two years of R&D to come up with this fudge? it’s difficult to see anyone swallowing it.”

Noted foodie, Nigella Seeds smouldered and said, “Whilst initially this appears to be a cheap, boring fudge, it can be fixed. All we’ve to do is add a little European Joie De Vivre, heat it, beat it and give it a good long pull, then you’ll have something you’d really want to have a good long suck on.”

Corby’s defended their new product, saying, “You have to realise many people in the company have grown up with traditional fudge, not everyone is keen on these new, modern flavours. Some of us just think there should be one type of fudge and we shouldn’t be trying to change something that hasn’t really worked.”

One commentator explained, “Corby’s are trying to create a classic fudge, by seeming to appeal to new, younger markets but at the same time, serving the same old sweets to their existing customers. The problem is there isn’t really a market for this classic fudge anymore”

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