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Prince Philip crashes his car doing the Bird Box challenge

Managing to avoid killing himself or anyone else, Prince Philip made a pigs ear of the Bird Box Challenge, after his Land Rover careered into a Ford Kia.

It’s believed that Phil and Liz watched the hit Netflix horror movie on the night before the accident. They like to keep abreast of modern trends, and had noted the Bird Box Challenge was popular on the Internet. Apparently, Philip didn’t think there would be a problem driving around his country estate, Sandringham, with a blind fold on. He’s reported to have said, “This’ll be a piece of piss, I know this place like the back of my hand.”

Trouble arose when he left the boundary of the estate and entered the public highway.

His close protection officer said, “He’s a sneaky bugger that Philip, turn your back for a moment and he’s off. That will be my pension gone, just my luck.”

The Prince was breathalysed after the accident, and was found to be breathing.

Not a man easily deterred, he was seen soon having another go at the Bird Box Challenge. This time he appears to have successfully completed it, if the cries of “Get in there Dukie, whose the Daddy now?” are to be believed.

The occupants of the other car have been quickly forgotten as everyone debates the wisdom of allowing very old people to drive. They are, however, looking forward to appearing on Jimmy Carr’s Big Fat Quiz of The Year at Christmas.

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