Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021
Feeding the beast

Gillian Napton hand-reared Tiddles, from kittenhood. Over the years, she loved and cherished Tiddles, taking care of his every need. Most evenings Gillian would lie on the sofa, stroking her pussy. “We are soul mates, I feel I can tell him anything. I know what he’s thinking, Tiddles is my one true love.“

Gillian, stroking her pussy

However, lockdown changed everything.

“I didn’t mean for this to happen. Work means that I get up before Gillian, but because I’m stuck at home I spend plenty of time in the kitchen. Sooner or later Tiddles wanders in and pesters me, until I feed him. All he wants is a bite to eat and a quick tickle under the chin. Now there’s this bond between us.” Explains Ian.

Between heart-wracking sobs, Gillian said “If he wants him that badly, he can have him. I just hope that he can put up with the smell, his disgusting eating habits and that he shows more interest in his arsehole than he does in you. Tibbles is such a sensitive creature!” before adding “As for Ian, what a bastard! Why couldn’t he just have an affair like a normal man? I could have handled that. Why did he have to mess around with my pussy? Well, I’ll show him, I’m getting a puppy!”

Meanwhile, Corona Virus continues.

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