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Protestors protesting about Protest Marches run into counter protest

Protestors were out in force, in Central London, in protest at the number of protest marches being held in the city.

The campaign started after the latest protest march caused some inconvenience to city folk. Londoners decided they had had enough, and formed their own protest group. Shortly afterwards, they took to the streets, in a largely peaceful protest.

They justified the disruption caused to business and public services as being worth it because it will stop future protests from disturbing city life.

However, a counter-protest group were quickly rounded up, on Social Media, claiming that protesting about protesting was an attack on their freedom to protest, right to free speech, human blah, blah blah…..

Ian Napton, a spokesperson for the Protest Protest Group “I am pleased to say we had far more people on our Protest Protests march than those bastards at the Stop the Protest Protest Protest Group had on theirs. It just goes to show how fed up Londoners are with every Tom, Dick and Harry popping along to the smoke for a nice walk, a few beers and a bit of sing song.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police was keen to point out that they were quite happy with all these protests. It was a nice day out for us and the horses, it beats doing actual police work and the overtime comes in handy. He added, “Protests are a waste of time, we’ve had protests about everything but nothing actually changes.”

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