Mon. Jul 4th, 2022
Putin conducting Trumps annual appraisal

Have you always wanted to lord over your very own country, but didn’t know where to start? Vladislav Pupin has the program for you! Like you, he wanted to rule over the lesser beings, so he came up with a fool-proof plan!

If you join our program today, you’ll get:

We’ve taken all the guesswork out of transforming your government into a dictatorship. Just follow our simple guide, and you too can be emperor of your own domain. Just listen to this testimonial!

Donald Trump giving a speech
You can be anything, if your Daddy is rich enough, look at me!

I was a horrible failure as a businessman, husband, and father. I was such a train wreck that they gave me a show on reality TV. But with this program, I was able to ignore the Constitution (which I didn’t read anyway,) seat unqualified lickspittles in the judiciary, and make millions! Phone support is great! Vlad was my rock, that night I called crying about the peasants revolting. I highly recommend this program!” –Donald T.

How to deal with Revolting Peasants!

Call today and get your very own personalized bags of asbestos (while supplies last).

This is a paid advertisment on behalf of Vlad Putin Power Enterprises Ltd, where no country is too small for us to make a killing, just look at the UK!


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