Sat. Sep 25th, 2021

The Government’s Post BREXIT strategy is finally emerging like an Alien bursting out of a ruptured torso. The existing eighty seven counties of the UK are going to be federalised. Each county will have its own semi-elected government and an appointed demi-god. This will extend Domocracy across the nation. The Counties will have their own laws, borders and will trade with each other using WTO rules.

We are calling it the “Federal United King Domocracy”, or FUKD for convenience. The USA is Federal, the EU is almost Federal and Russia is Feudal so we are going there.

A Raving Idiot

How will we find out more?

We soon launch a campaign called Make Britain FUKD. It will be a fantastic opportunity to Build Back Better and make our place in the world.

A Raving Idiot wielding a bricklaying trowel

Is the scheme viable?

Let me be absolutely clear. We need to get this done quickly. We will not rest until our Great Britain is completely and totally FUKD. We’ve already made a start with Kent and the border down the Irish Sea.

Raving Idiot holding a woodworking plane.

But what about the Monarchy?

Federalism doesn’t mean we have to become a republic. We will maintain a strong and stable Monarchy. We will ensure that once we are FUKD, we will stay Royally FUKD.

A Raving Idiot in a shabby suit.


By Simian MacAque

Simian, sits and looks at the world and wonders, how the hell did they become the dominant species?

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