Sun. May 22nd, 2022

 Boris Johns really likes frucking! He loves to play with his frucks!

A man who has bought hundreds of full-size toy lorries for his many children was ordered to remove them from the M20 where they are currently being stored.

A Mr. Johnson, who has been described by one neighbour as “A person who thrives on making chaos” was perplexed as to why all the fuss.

“I really don’t see what the problem is,” said Mr Johnson… he added

I am starting to get them moved now. They would have been gone earlier but I do have a tendency to leave things until the last minute. I’ll be in trouble with my copious amount of children all over the UK and Europe as well because I promised these for Christmas Day, and that’s not going to happen now

B Johnson 55 3/4, Massive Trucker

Kent Police have confirmed Mr. Johnson’s lorries are indeed beginning to move to their destinations.

*I Like Trucking (Apologies to Not The Nine O’Clock News)


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