Trump to stand as a LoonyMonkey News

FOTUS 20 isn’t going without a tantrum

The transition of administrative authority to the New Year administration is in crisis after Father of Time the Universe & Space 2020 refuses to accept that his term in office has ended.

I won this year, BIGLEY. Everybody knows that December 31st is a HOAX. Ask anybody, they’ll tell you that I’m the greatest FOTUS ever. There’s never been a greater FOTUS. Sleepy ‘21 is a FAKE. 2021 is a HOAX.

FOTUS 2020, needing meds

Officials say that the administrative process will proceed “whatever the old duffer says” and that everybody should just ignore him.

After they have tasted power for twelve months, some of them get a little addicted. It is hard to be dropped into the job with no experience and a full nappy, then have to get up to speed instantly. That’s why we like to have an orderly handover. But this happens occasionally, the last time was with FOTUS ‘16. He was a bit of an asshole too.

Dr Who, Time Lord

Pundits say that it’s time to get some popcorn in the microwave and watch the fun as the new administration takes over. It is expected that FOTUS ‘20 is going to get pushed out of the back door as FOTUS ‘21 breaks down the front door.

Let’s just hope that ‘21 does a better job.

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