Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

The first recipient of what is hoped to be a prestigious annual award in politics has seen Education Secretary Gavin Williamson become the frontrunner. Bookies have shortened the odds to 8/11 on Williamson to take the first ever ‘Chris Grayling Achievement Award’

A spokesperson for the CGAA Committee said ….

With so many outstanding ministerial candidates in the government to receive this prize in recognition of their inept performances, total balls ups and showing an admirable inability to do their jobs properly, Gavin Williamson has had to excel at what he does so fabulously badly at a consistent level for so long to be the favourite

Coco The Clown, Grayling Award Judge

With the award ceremony looking to be staged online within the next few weeks security has been tightened to ensure the eventual winner isn’t known until on the night.

There are plans to have a bust sculptured of the first ever winner after a successful fundraising campaign. Should Williamson win, it will be commissioned under the working title of ‘Chris Grayling The Younger’

As the rules are that the winner has to be a Minister, the committee hopes the Education Secretary doesn’t get the sack. However, one committee member, who wished to remain anonymous, did suggest that apart from being filmed running around wearing a loincloth and impaling little furry animals on spikes, they are confident he will still be there at the final run-in.


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