Bremain is the sexy new name for the Anti-Brexit campaign

In what can only be described as a game changing move from the Remain campaign, they shall now go by a new title: BREMAIN.

After months of acute research, undertaken by linguistic students at the University of Life, the new appellation was voted on by MP’s in favour of Britain remaining in the EU.

One politician, who requested anonymity, said “yeah that’ll do”. Another nodded when hearing the result.

After a group discussion during circle time, MP’s agreed that ‘Brexit’ was a lot ‘catchier’ than ‘the remain campaign’ and so a sum of money – “between £14,999 and £15,001” – was bequeathed to the linguistics boffins in the hope a new name would arise.

MP’s were given a list of 8 potential titles including: STAY, LINGER and HELP, and after the first round of voting, two favourites emerged: HELP and BREMAIN. A final vote then took place whereby the majority of MP’s voted in favour of BREMAIN – 52 to 48.

A spokesperson for the campaign said, “Don’t print this, but I don’t think it’ll actually make a difference to be honest, like, Brexit means Brexit, right?”

Meanwhile Brexit Continues

Now you have read the story it would be a shame if all the boffins hard work and lack of effort went to waste. With that in mind we have put BREMAIN on a Tee Shirt. It’s available in Red, White or Blue. Here is the link to the BREMAIN TEE SHIRT


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