Mon. Jul 4th, 2022

The Viperidae (vipers) family is said to be ‘up in…’ errrm, ‘raised off their bellies’, by comparisons being made between them and the Office of the Prime Minister.

The press have reported the overnight shenanigans in No. 10 was being like a “nest of vipers”. A term that the Viperidae feel denigrates them.

The differenssssce between a nessst of viperssss and the Offisssce of the Blond Ape is obvioussss:. One isss a den of venomoussss little reptilessss and the otherss are ssssnakes.

Sid Vicious, Diamond Backed Geezer

The reaction of the snakes has been described as “Off the scale” and many have written poisonous letters of complaint to their MPs.

We wantsss an apology from the nasssty pressss. Or we will nip them in the budsss.

Cottonmouth Joe, Slippery bugger

Meanwhile, the Chimps are bloody terrified.


By Simian MacAque

Simian, sits and looks at the world and wonders, how the hell did they become the dominant species?

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