Monkey Business

Middle classes empathise with the poor after paying £250 for a seat at the theatre

The lavish hit west-end musical; The Poor, Poor Waitress on Benefits, has received unanimous acclaim for is portrayal of a young woman in an inner city, working 70 hours a week on minimum wage whilst trying to raise her pet Chihuahua.

The middle classes have praised its gritty unflinching realism, of a life without avocado and poached quails eggs for breakfast.

Ian and Gillian Napton, “We particularly liked the way that the plucky heroine battled through without having a weekend at Champneys or two weeks in late summer in Tuscany. Have you been? You simply must go, its delightful.”

One critic did try to point out that it was not reflective of real life, Ken Loach it was not. He also pointed to the irony of people paying £250 a ticket to learn what it was like to live in enforced poverty was somewhat ironic.

Gillian said, ”Well, I don’t know, he is just being mean. Its not all about the suffering, it’s got some lovely tunes in it. I particularly liked ‘I’m so tired can’t stand up” and the comic duet “FFS Just kill me now

The smash hit musical has reportedly netted Andrew Lloyd-Webber another fortune and made it trendy amongst the Sloane set to take Waitressing jobs. Jocasta, another Latte please.

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