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Liz Truss buys a hide-in fridge

Now that Liz Truss is sure to become the next Prime Minister, she is preparing for tricky interviews by buying a hide-in-fridge.

The PM-in-Waiting is worried that she may be caught out by the in-depth interviewing conducted by Newsround, Mumsnet and BBC News. Ms Truss hopes to seek sanctuary from hard questions, by popping into the fridge and not coming out until all the mean people have gone away.

In preparation for her elevation to high office, Thick Lizzie is studying “The Boris Johnson Guide to Avoiding Awkward Questions”. Keen to learn, she favours the famous ‘hide-in-the-fridge’ gambit. Boris Johnson cleverly deployed his fridge during the last election, and many experts believed it was integral to his electoral success. After all, if a country will vote for a man who hides in a fridge, they will vote for anything. La Belle Truss is hoping that it will do the same for her.  

Lindsay Hoyle, The Speaker of the House, has confirmed that she can use the fridge at Prime Minsters Questions. This decision has eased the concerns of the party faithful, who were terrified that she would try and answer a question.  

However, the producers of BBC Question Time have said that it would interfere with their duty of impartiality if they allowed Thick Lizzie to bring the fridge on stage. They did reassure her that she need not worry about saying something stupid as they would pack the audience with rabid Tory gammons as usual.

Our reporters tried to ask the Opposition Leader for his opinion, but no one seemed to know where he was. Reports that he has recently taken delivery of an Electrolux Refrigerator with a built-in ice maker are unconfirmed.

Meanwhile, your government continues.